Company of Sirens present STITCHING by Anthony Neilson, Directed by Chris Durnall, featuring Nathan Sussex and Stacey Daly, designed by Jo Hughes Lighting design Jane Lalljee.

Stuart and Abby love each other madly but when Abby discovers she is pregnant the choices that they make will haunt them forever

Stitching’ follows the dangerously dark and inventive games that the couple play to try and reconnect. As they circle and test each other they move between reality and fantasy, their visceral poetry and physicality culminating in a truly shocking ending.



STITCHING’ opened at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, August 2002 and transferred to the Bush Theatre, London on 12 September 2002 receiving massive publicity due to its uncompromising nature. In 2009 Malta banned the play from public performance. The Maltese government issued a list alluding to references included within the play which were deemed, amongst other things, to be blasphemous, obscene and perverted. The ban upon this piece of writing sparked an international debate upon the issue of censorship within the arts.



 "The Censor"     

The same team that brought Patrick Jones’ sell-out “Revelation”, return to Chapter Arts Centre this autumn with Anthony Neilson’s critically acclaimed play “The Censor”

Directed by Chris Durnall
Produced by Company of Sirens
Photography by Jane Newman Jones

Cast: Julie Barclay, Stacey Daly and Nathan Sussex

Cardiff – Chapter Arts Centre (Wed 16th Sep – Sat 19th Sep)
Performances at 8pm
Box Office: 029 2030 4400

Play contains scenes of a strong sexual nature

CENSORSHIP: "The suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material, which may be considered objectional, harmful, sensitive or inconvienient to the government or media organisations as determined by a censor"

‘I think what we have in this country is a little more dangerous in a way because it can't be seen fully. It's sorta internal censorship. We censor each other. ‘ Kathy Acker

Company of Sirens made the decision to produce “The Censor” as a response to recent events that transpired when the launch of Patrick Jones’s new book of poetry in Waterstone’s was hijacked by Christian Voice protestors (Appendix 1)

Whilst The Censor does not deal exclusively with issues just of christianity and religion, we felt that the universal and complex subject of censorship was explored in great depth in the play, presenting us with an ideal platform and text in which to debate and challenge not only these recent events but also the nature of art and censorship on a collective scale (Appendix 2).

“The Censor” premiered at the Finborough Theatre, London in association with The Red Room in April 1997 and subsequently transferred to the Royal Court Theatre. 

The Censor is a gripping brief encounter between a pornographic artist and the man with the licencing scissors. A moving parable of the critic and artist as a healing, and finally tragic love story.

Anthony Neilson is a Scottish playwright and director commonly associated with the “in-yer-face theatre” movement. He began his career at the Finborough Theatre, London. Renowned for tackling the darkest of subjects with the highest levels of invention and wit, in 1997 Anthony Neilson won the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Fringe Play for The Censor. In 2008 he became Literary Associate at the RSC. 

Actor Nathan Sussex’s previous credits include “Nutters” (Directed by Karl Francis), “Coronation Street” (ITV), “Torchwood” (BBC) “Judge John Deed” (BBC) and 2001 BAFTA Winning Drama “Care” directed by Antonia Bird (BBC) as well as various plays for BBC Radio 3 & 4. Nathan’s last worked with ‘Faction Collective’ as Steve in “Revelation”.

Actress Stacey Daly’s credits include “Nutters” and “Asboland” (directed by film-maker Karl Francis) and as Maleeta in the Feature Film “The Gatekeeper” (Lions Gate films). She has recently appeared as Caroline in “The Daydream” for The Ustinov - Theatre Royal Bath. Stacey’s last work with ‘Faction Collective’ was as Dionne in “Revelation”.

Julie Barclay started her career as a stand-up comedienne and went on to work with the Hull Truck Theatre Company and has worked extensively with regional repertory theatre companies in Britain. She has recently been working with Irvine Welsh on his latest film “Good Arrows” and has also appeared in “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”, “Torchwood” and “Belonging” for the BBC.

Chris Durnall (Director) is the artistic director of Company of Sirens. Recent work includes “Cradle to the Grave”, “The Elephant Man”, Strindberg’s “A Dream Play” and “Matthews Passion”. Chris directed “Revelation” when it opened at Chapter last year.

‘And the people we dare to call perverts and deviants – the victims of this war – the good humane people we’ve criminalized and traumatized, they’ll be recognized for what they truly are: Visionaries!’ (Miss Fontaine – The Censor)